1x1 Callsign History

While I am currently assigned the amateur callsign WQ6X, I also
make use of various 1x1 callsigns for specific contest use, as detailed below.
Click on individual callsigns to send WQ6X e-mail concerning use of that callsign.

You can search 1x1 callsigns and/or reserve a callsign for your use at: 1x1callsigns.org.

W6A & K6A

Used for
All-Asian DX Contests

K6M & K6S

Used during
CQP Expeditions with N6GEO


Used during
August 2011 NAQP Contests


Used during the
2012 JIDX CW Contest


Used for Single-OP
CQP Contest Operations

(Click here to see my W6C use)


Used during
International Lighthouse Weekend


Used during the
2011 10-Meter Contest

N6F & K6F

Reserved for GOTA station use during
Field Day Operations @ W6SW

W6K & N6K & W6Q

Used for November Sweepstakes Contests

(Click here to see my W6K use)



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WQ6X is currently in Alameda California

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Telephone Ron at: (818) 216-5376

E-mail Ron at: Ron@WQ6X.Info