California QSO Party 2014

K6U CQP Operation from Contra Costa County

The California QSO Party is an event wherein Radio Amateurs activate all California counties for the purpose of ensuring radio readiness in the event of disasters; natural or otherwise. Essentially, the CQP event is a world-wide contest - one of the reasons it is such a popular event. Of all the state QSO parties, CQP is by far the largest and most organized.

For 2014, CQP ran from 9:00 am PDT (16:00 UTC) on October 4 to 3:00 pm (22:00 UTC) on October 5.
George (N6GEO) & Ron (WQ6X) operated from N6GEO's QTH in Brentwood California - Contra Costa county.

Our Tuolumne operation was side-lined last minute due to an SK in the family of N6GEO's XYL.
You can view the original K6U Tuolumne page by [Clicking Here] - maybe next year.

Nevertheless from one point of view we ran an even BETTER operation from Brentwood.
This fact has borne-out by our setting a new Multi-Multi low power (LP) record for Contra Costa county.

There was an 1 hour practice event on Friday evening starting with C.W. at 7pm and SSB at 7:30pm; each for 30 mins. As usual we were still updating the station during this time, although unlike last year WQ6X actually heard stations participating in the practice events.


FLEX 3000 + KPA-500 (Stn#1) & FLEX 1500 w/external filters and an EV-664 + AL-500 (Stn#2)
We dialed back the amplifiers to 190 watts, qualifying us a Low Power (LP) entry.


6-BTV Vertical for 80/75 & 40 meters and a multiplexed 7mh TH3-j3 yagi for the high bands.
Because of our restrictive antenna layout we were not on 160 meters this year.

Station #1

Station #2

George (N6GEO)

CQ-Zone 3
ITU Zone 6

A.R.R.L. Section:
EB - East Bay

Ron (WQ6X)

TH3-Jr & crankup military mast.

Modoc County Sign

6BTV Vertical behind the TH3-jr

WQ6X operating CW
enjoying Pizza & Beer
(essential CQP food)

N6GEO operating CW
Wireless headphones & EV-664 mic


CW QSOs = 747
2241 Points

Our 2014 CQP goal just
missed our 2013 160k

SSB QSOs = 217
438 Points

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Waving Flags represent where we are

United States


Bent Antenna


CQP is Organized by
The Northern California Contest Club

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In CQP, amateurs from around the world endeavor to contact California amateurs on the standard radio bands.

For CQP 2010, the Solar Flux hovered near 90 - less than a year into Solar Cycle 24. For CQP 2011, the Solar Flux was around 156. For CQP 2012, the Solar Flux was a depressingly low 99, although 160, 80 & 40 meters were AWEsome from Modoc County.

During CQP 2013 the Solar Flux was a barely passable 114, altho the condx on 15m & 10m made it seem like a flux of over 140; while 80/75 meters were blessed with long skip.

For CQP 2014 we experienced a medium (altho declining) solar flux which unfortunately didn't prevent the solar noise. On the upside, 10 & 15 meter openings to Europe were quite generously plentiful on both days.


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