In my opinion, the World of Radio Wave Propagation Prediction is 70% Science and 30% an Art.
This web page provides you interesting links to learn more about this fascinating phenomenon.

The Basics of Radio Wave Propagation

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 Sunspot Activity

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 Solar Flares

An Explanation of recent
Coronal Mass Ejections

Click the Pic to See an Active Sun Spot

Nasa's Latest Solar Prediction

A recent Solar Update
by K7RA

Propagation Reports

Radiowave Propagation Center Daily forecast

VE3EN's Solar Cycle 24 & Auroral Reports
KB7TBT Space Weather & Propagation Page

The NOAA Current
GeoPhysical Report Data

Radio Station

Propagation Reports

Radio Station

Propagation Reports

Radio Propagation
Resource Website

Shortwave Radio - Grey Line Display
(Track Sunrise and Sunsets world wide)

AE4RV - Propagation Primer

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