The History of Radio

and Amateur Radio

In my opinion, the the history of Radio (and Amateur Radio in particular) makes fascinating reading.

I have provided these links to give readers a taste of our history and the impact it has had on the lives of
everybody - whether they are licensed amateurs or not. You've heard the names of some of these inventors:
Hertz, Tesla, Marconi, DeForest, Armstrong and Hiram Percy Maxim - to name but a few.

Find out who they really were and the contributions they made which changed our world 100+ years ago.

Checkout all the back issues of RADIO NEWS here!
Here is an interesting video on Radio in WW II.

Harold Beverage

The History of Amateur Radio
ON4SKY's English grammar is a little
"Belgian" but it's a great story over all.

The A.R.R.L's History of Amateur Radio

Hiram Percy Maximum

Heinrich Hertz

A Chronological History of Radio

Guglielmo Marconi

Nikola Tesla

United States Early Radio History


WikiPedia on Radio

Edwin Armstrong

All About the Telegraph and
Deciphering Morse Code Text
(Link submitted by Corrine Miller)

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