The CQ World-Wide WPX Contest

The CQ World-Wide Contest is a world-wide amateur radio competition held twice a year:

Sponsiored by CQ magazine, in this competition amateurs from around the world endeavor to contact amateur stations with as many different callsign prefixes as possible. A prefix is one or more letters/numbers followed by a number. Thanks to the IARU, we have an elaborate yet reasonably logical and consistent assignment of callsign prefixes. For example, in my callsign (WQ6X) the prefix is WQ6.
Because our contact points are multiplied by the number of different prefixes we work, scores in the WPX contest can get rediculously high. Many countries activate otherwise little used prefixes for this contest, such as 7K7 for Japan (normally JA), L73 for Argentina (normally LU) and P43/P49 from Brazil (normally PY/PJ).

Ron WQ6X often teams up with other OPs @ NX6T in Fallbrook Ca. (N. San Diego County).
For the 2017 SSB event WQ6X ran the NX6T station remotely as a Single-OP.

In WPX CW events, because the "X" in WQ6X has a more readable
"PUNCH" we use that callsign for the May WPX CW events.

Here are some pictures from the medium-Gun station NX6T in "NashVille".

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WQ6X is currently in Alameda California

For more information contact Ron Fitch.

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