WQ6X Software


WQ6X Dual-Clock Browser

Click the Pic (above) to see the TimeZone Menu


WQ6X Greyline Browser

WQ6X Beacon Tracker

WQ6X JA Prefecture Tracker

This software is for DXers and Contests like the JIDX
(Click on the above image to see some screen shots)

WQ6X Voice Keyer

This software can be set to use 12 Voices instead of 6
(Click on the above image to see 12 Voices)


WQ6X Sweepstakes Logger

This software prototype is designed as an interface
to the CT/N1MM/WINTEST Fkey logic behind the
scenes, while providing a more friendly interface.
(Click on the above image to see a close-up view)

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WQ6X is currently in Alameda California

For more information contact: Ron Fitch

Telephone Ron at: (818) 216-5376

E-mail Ron at: WQ6X_Software@WQ6X.Info