The JIDX - Japanese International DX Contest

The JIDX International DX Contest is a world-wide amateur radio competition held twice a year:

Click Here to view the rules for the Japanese International DX Contest.

In this competition amateurs from around the world endeavor to contact Japanese amaturs on the standard radio bands from 160-meters (1.8 mhz) to 10-meters (28 mhz). 160-meter contacts are worth 4 points, 10-meter contacts are worth 2 points and contacts on the other bands are worth 1 point. With sunspot cycle #24 well under way 10 meters will give us a lot of points.

Here is the highlights from the 2010 JIDX C.w. event (made possible by WQ6X Software).

JIDX CW 2010 Plaque

JIDX C.w. 2010 - 1st-Place N.A.
Despite a number of visits from Murphy (including an amplifier shutdown), Dennis (N6KI) and Ron (WQ6X) managed a multi-OP 1st place for North America in 2010.

WQ6X @ NX6T for JIDX Cw 2011

Ron - WQ6X
This pic was snapped in the 2011 SSB contest during a 20-meter pileup at around
11am - 3 hours after I should have been in bed following the 3am to 8am shift.
Unfortunately the relief operator got lost - easy to do in the Fallbrook hills.
The dual-receive ICOM 7800 did a superb job, as did the AWEsome ACOM
2000A amplifier. Mustering 1450w into a 70' yagi-array was a breeze.

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